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Start your journey to growth and development

Your mental health is more than a hobby.

Make the best of your time with dedicated support and help.​

mentasi offers comprehensive mental health and leadership coaching for individuals and companies, tailored to your needs.

Transparent pricing, no hidden fees.


The goal of coaching is to help a person find clarity about their wants and needs, empower positive change and unlock potential.

mentasi strives to provide comprehensive, individual solutions.

For individuals who want to reach their personal goals, learn to deal better with stress and become their best self.
Whether you already know what you want to change but lack motivation, or you're at the very beginning of your journey, we'll figure it out together.

For professionals and leaders, dedicated to transforming their teams and companies .
Excellent leadership is based on modelling, mentoring and guiding teams as a whole as well as individual team members.

Want to develop leadership skills in your private life?

Interested in improving workplace mental health and cognitive ergonomics in your company?

Looking for a mental health coach for all of your employees?

Let's create the perfect plan for your needs.

Book a free consultation

Coaching can only be truly successful when you click with your coach. That's why mentasi offers a free assessment and consultation, to get a first impression, remote or face-to-face.

No hidden fees, no pressure.

Coaching is available in English and German.
face-to-face meetings in Helsinki, Meilahti.

About Me


I am a Helsinki-based communication expert and MSc in Psychological Medicine & Mental Health, with years of experience in digital and face-to-face mental health coaching. I got the chance to work for different types of companies from small startups to big corporations and everything in between. From journalism over marketing to sales and even nursing.

Despite the diversity of the work environments, two things were universal:

Mental health is still an underrated metric and bad leadership affects every aspect of work


and often they are connected.
mentasi was founded to provide coaching and support to help individuals and organisations to navigate mental health in private life and create a healthy work environment for all members.​

My goal is to empower people to find what makes them the happiest, focus on solutions instead of problems, make healthier choices for the future and unlock their full potential in all aspects of life.

To do my part in promoting systemic change, I help leaders avoid the traps of bad leadership and guide with empathy and compassion.​​


mentasi offers coaching and consulting for individuals and companies, with focus on personal mental health, leadership and motivation. 


mentasi works with evidence-based methods. The coaching is based on person-centered methods like motivational interviewing (MI), and incorporates elements of solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT) and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

mentasi offers individual solutions and actionable tools with honesty and integrity, tailored to your needs.

Straight to the point, no frills.


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