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Leadership & Success Coaching

mentasi strives to support companies and leaders who value mental health and want to develop themselves and their employees to reach a near optimal balance of productivity, quality of work and quality of life. 


Every company has a unique mix of strengths and struggles within their teams. Together, we will assess which parts of the work culture need to be enhanced and which areas need to be developed further to create the best possible work environment for everyone.


mentasi’s leadership coaching equips managers and executives with science-based tools to lead with empathy and focus.


A combination of personal development for leaders and universal development for their companies. 


Leadership coaching is suitable for everyone who leads - no matter if it is a small team tor a whole company.

Face-to-face coaching takes place in Helsinki, Meilahti or in your office


Weekly Sessions, 4 x 60 minutes

1 month: €650/month

1 year: €595/month

additional online support, Monday to Friday: €100/month

Bi-weekly Sessions, 2 x 60 minutes

1 month: €400/month

1 year: €365/month

Monthly Session, 1 x 60 minutes

1 month: €300/month

1 year: €275/month

Company 360

starting from €800/week
- 1 full day per week.

- Leadership sessions

- office hours

- mental health coaching for employees

- workshops 
additional online support: €100/week.


Get in touch to build your own plan! 

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