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Personal Development & Mental Health

mentasi offers mental health coaching for individuals, couples and small groups. Together, we will look for ways to improve your mental health and work on achieving your big and small goals with science-based tools and techniques. 

Mental health coaching is for you if:


  • You are interested in personal growth and development

  • You want support in defining and achieving your goals - personal and professional

  • You know you want to change something, but don't know where to start

  • You want to improve your work-life balance and learn to manage stress

  • You want to improve your relationships and your communication

  • You experience mild mental health challenges 

  • You believe prevention and being proactive is better than being reactive

Face-to-face sessions take place in Helsinki, Meilahti.

Note: Mental health coaching is not psychotherapy and cannot replace clinical/medical interventions. If you experience severe mental health issues and distress, please contact your health provider for guidance.


Single Session

1 x 60 minutes: €100

1 x 55 minutes remote: €80

Multiple Session package

10 x 60 minutes: €900

10 x 55 minutes remote: €720

Relationship development coaching for 2

1 x 60 minutes: €150

10 x 60 minutes: €1350

All prices include training materials, no hidden fees.

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